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Best Ways To Protect Your Home From Pests In Winter

Isn’t it great when summer comes to an end? No more flies getting inside your house. No mosquitoes hovering around with nefarious intent. It’s definitely great to see the back of these nuisances, but what about other pests? Unfortunately, in the months we retreat indoors to escape the cold, some pests are doing exactly the same thing. Creatures like rodents, cockroaches and even termites absolutely love your home in the colder months. Why wouldn’t they? It’s warm and you’ve got plenty of food for them! Here’s how to protect your home from pests in Winter.

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The Risks of Pest Infestation in Winter

Here are some of the main offenders when it comes to winter pests, and why you’ll want them out of your home.

Cockroaches: The most common pest in Australia, these pests are found in almost every home. While it’s a disgusting thought, these guys are probably the least damaging of the winter pests. They eat almost anything and are known for spreading bacteria and disease throughout the home.

Rodents: Nobody wants to share their home with rats or mice. The sound of scurrying paws while you’re trying to sleep, and the droppings left in your once clean cupboards. Along with their ability to carry and spread disease, rodents also present a fire risk. They’ll chew through everything, electrical wiring included. Best case, you’ll have an expensive electrician bill. Worst case, an electrical fire may leave you with no home to fix.

Termites: Termites can wreak havoc on the average home since they love feasting on timber. Damage can be caused to walls, ceilings, as well as serious foundation damage. Get rid of these pests ASAP!

Tidy up Your Yard

Keeping a clean yard can go a long way to remaining pest-free this winter. It’s particularly important to remove dead wood, as this can attract termites. They might stay in your yard for now, but it won’t be long till they find the lovely timber your home is built from.

Also be sure to remove any garbage you might have to lie around, as this can be a beacon for drawing in all kinds of pests.

Keep a Clean House for Great Pest Control


It won’t come as any surprise that pests love dirty environments. If you’re leaving food scraps and crumbs around your kitchen, you’re begging for trouble. Make sure you’re wiping surfaces after every use, and keep on top of the vacuuming to remove any pest temptations.

Pests love clutter, so if there’s ever been a time for your teenagers to pick their clothes up off the floor, it’s now!

Check Your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are the obvious entry points for pests. One option is to weatherstrip your doors and windows to make sure any tiny gaps are sealed. It will also help keep the heat in, so this is a valuable exercise.

Pay special attention to the areas around doors and windows too. It’s tempting to just throw a bag of rubbish by the door and deal with it later, but this can literally draw pests right to your door.

Call the Experts – Prevention is Cheaper than the Cure

Bruin Pest Management

Bruin Pest Management in South East Queensland are experts in the business of keeping your home free of pests this winter. The damage done by pests such as termites and rodents can run into thousands of dollars. To protect your home from pests this winter, contact the professionals for an obligation-free quote today. We specialise in pest control in Brisbane – all suburbs!

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