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Unchecked Termites Can Ruin Your Home

Termites are a massive problem in Queensland and impact roughly one in five Australian homes while causing around $100-million in damages each year. The warm, humid subtropical Brisbane climate is perfect for these wood-devouring pests, which can wreak havoc on your home in less than 12 months. We take termite pest inspection, control & treatment in Brisbane seriously.

At Bruin Pest Management, our termite pest control experts are fully qualified, licensed, and insured to assist in the complete removal of termites from your property and can perform your regular termite inspections.

Termite Inspection BRISBANE

In accordance with Australian Standard AS 3660, we will conduct a thorough termite inspection on your Brisbane property, which will identify the species of termite and locate the source of the infestation to your property. Bruin Pest Management offer Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections for prospective home buyers for your peace of mind. Our pest control services cover all areas of Brisbane, from south Brisbane to the Brisbane Northside.

Initial Colony Control

Following termite inspections, we will ascertain the entry point of the infestation and provide targeted treatment to the area to eliminate the colony at its source.

Barrier System installations

Once the initial colony control has taken place, we will install a Termite Management System. This will protect your home from termite re-infestation and is the perfect solution. We will recommend the best termite treatment and protection for your home based on our expert Inspection and provide environmentally friendly termite pest control treatments to ensure the safety and health of your family.

Ongoing Monitoring & advice

Regular termite inspections are essential to monitor termite activity on your property. We will continually assess the integrity of your Termite Management System. We provide ongoing termite treatment advice to reduce conditions conducive to termite attacks and pest management services to ensure your property remains termite free.

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What Is Involved In A Termite Inspection?

Termites are subterranean insects that are usually mistakenly referred to as “white ants” when they are more closely related to cockroaches.

They have a chewing mouthpart (mandibles) which the workers use to feed on cellulose found in timber.

Termites live in colonies with several different castes, workers, soldiers, and a king and queen. Each has a particular set of structures and functions related to the colony’s survival and maintenance.

Termites are widespread in Queensland’s humid climate as they provide the advantageous conditions termites require. If you’re worried about your assets, residential or commercial properties,  book a termite inspection in Brisbane with Bruin Pest Management for an expert opinion. 

Termites are destructive to human-made, particularly timber dwellings, which can cause significant structural damage which is why termite treatment in Brisbane is essential. Termites cause more damage to Australian homes than fire, flood, storms, cyclone combined. 

If you’re struggling with termites, it’s time for Bruin Pest to conduct termite inspections and a termite treatment. Moreover, if you’re battling with general pest control Brisbane, for instance, Brisbane cockroach control, Brisbane spider control or Brisbane bed bug control – don’t put it off. Get in touch today.

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Are Termite Treatments And Inspections Covered By Home Or Building Insurance?

Generally, home or building insurance will not cover termite damage. Insurance is there to protect you when something unexpected happens, and since termites are so prolific in Brisbane suburbs, most insurance policies exclude damage caused by termites. Commercial properties may be covered, but you should check your policy. If you want termite damage and removal coverage, it may be available as an additional rider on your policy.

Your best method of dealing with termites is prevention and early detection. Our pest control services include termite barrier installation and regular inspections. We recommend installing a termite barrier around the perimeter of your home to stop termites at their source.

The Best Termite Prevention Methods

Prevention can include the types of building materials you use and how well you maintain your yard. Large trees, garden beds, stacked wood, and rubbish around your home provide termites with a safe place to attack your home from.

You might be surprised to hear that brick homes are also not safe from termite attacks. They’re low-set with ventilation holes close to the ground, allowing an easy path into your home, and many are constructed with timber frames.

The best building types to prevent termites are high-set homes on steel stumps, without timber cladding attached around the stumps. This free-flowing air space under the house combined with unclimbable steel provides the best natural barrier.

It’s Time To Call In The Professionals

Our termite treatment in Brisbane services include additional prevention methods for all homes, including termite baiting and Termite Chemical Treated Zones. Our termite management services are all environmentally friendly and ensure complete protection from these damaging pests such as bed bugs.

The Importance Of Early Detection

There are around 40 different destructive species of termites in Australia, with over 350 native and introduced species. Termites can cause significant damage to a building in less than 12-months. Termites can travel up to 5km to establish a new colony, and once that colony is established, they can travel up to 100m from the nest to find food.

The recommended inspection interval is yearly in most areas, and with ample protection methods, this may be sufficient.

However, Brisbane suburbs are considered termite high-risk, and having twice-yearly inspections are recommended to catch termite infiltration early and prevent costly damage.

Termites Borescope Brisbane

What options for Termite Control in Brisbane are there?

Effective subterranean termite treatment in Brisbane is a scientific process and can be achieved in several ways. Bruin Pest Management offers:

Termite Baiting and Monitoring System using Exterra® or Sentricon® AlwaysActive™

Once we’ve conducted a termite inspection, our next step is Termite Baiting. Termite Baiting involves installing discreet Termite bait stations in a perimeter around your home, which will draw the Termites into them to allow for the successful application of bait. This process is the most effective in colony control of subterranean termites and provides the best protection. 

Termite Baiting Systems do not use any dangerous chemicals and are environmentally safe for wildlife and other insects. Bruin Pest Management offers a complete Management Plan for every home with ongoing visits to monitor your termite stations and look out for conditions conducive to termite attack on your property.

Termite Chemical Treated Zone using Termiticides such as Termidor®HE

Chemical treatments involve trenching around your home to apply a saturation of termiticide to the perimeter at your slab’s footing or around the stumps. When using a non-repellent active ingredient for this process, the termites do not even know they are in contact with the deadly termiticide, which is then taken back to the nest, causing the colony’s elimination.

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How much do Termite Management Systems Cost?

An industry-leading Termite Management System, either a Baiting and Monitoring System or Termiticide Chemical Treatment Zone, installed under Australian Standard AS3660.2 is the only sure way of keeping your home protected from Termite Infestation.

A one-off treatment to Termite activity in a home or garden should cost in the range of $200 to $900 depending on circumstances. If you have a pest infestation on your premises, you require a professional’s touch. A complete Management System for an averaged sized Australian House should cost in the range of $2500 to $4000 with a Manufacturer or Insurer backed-warranty. 

It is highly advised to only used accredited and licensed Timber Pest Inspectors and Installers for Termite infestations in your home – as generally going to a cheaper, less accredited, or skilled Pest Manager could put your biggest asset in jeopardy. Contact us regarding termite pest control in Brisbane for an environmentally friendly, safe-for-family, pet and plants solution.

Bruin Pest Management is fully Qualified, Licensed, and Insured to assist in the complete removal of Termites from your Property.

In addition to termite services, Bruin Pest also offers bird shooting Brisbane, rodent inspection Brisbane, ant management Brisbane, mosquito management Brisbane & commercial pest management Brisbane.

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Exterra® Termite Baiting and Monitoring System is offered with $250,000 Timber Replacement Warranty
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Termidor® HE Accredited Applicator

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Purchasing your home is the most significant financial investment of your life. Structural, foundation and Timber Pest (such as Termites) issues can mean costly repairs or trouble selling in the future. Before purchasing, we recommend getting a Building and Timber Pest inspection.

We provide thorough Building Inspections to AS4349.1-2007 and Termite Inspection to AS4349 3-2010 with a Fully Comprehensive and Detailed Digital Report on the same day.

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