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Your Chermside Pest Control Service

Don’t stress about dealing with pests in the home or workplace. Call us – we’re here to help protect your home in the Chermside area. 

The Bruin Pest Management team are pest control experts in all kinds of pest elimination, from termites and rodents to mosquitoes and ants!

Comprehensive Pest Control 

No pest problem is too big or small for the fully accredited, highly-trained team at Bruin Pest Control. From bird and rodent removal through to the most stubborn insect infestations, we take care of it all

We provide eradication and ongoing prevention of:

  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents (Mice, Rats)
  • Fleas
  • Spiders
  • Wasps
  • Silverfish
  • Bedbugs
  • Birds

Getting pest control in Chermside has never been easier. Simply give our pest control company a call, and we’ll be there quickly to provide pest inspections and pest control services. 

Commercial Pest Control Chermside

In addition to our full range of residential pest control services, we also manage commercial pest control in Chermside. If your business has insects, rodents, termites, or bird problems, the damage can be severe. Not only does it put the health and safety of your employees at risk, but it can also be a huge turn-off for customers.

Our Chermside commercial pest control services help keep your business free of pests, protecting your workers, customers, and income. Word gets around pretty quickly if you have a pest infestation, and it can seriously damage your reputation. Our services are discreet, effective, and done with minimum disruption to your operations.

Here at Bruin Pest Management, we take pride in the pest control services we provide. Whether you are looking for a general pest control treatment for your north Brisbane home or commercial premises, we can assist with termite Inspections, rodent control or bed bugs treatment.

Pest control and Termite Inspections are generally recommended at least annually to ensure the best protection and management against pests and bed bugs. Following a Termite Inspection, a Termite Treatment may be required based on findings by one of our knowledgeable termite technicians. They will recommend the best approach to termite management and termite treatment to ensure your North Brisbane asset is fully protected.

We always make sure your pest control needs are met in a timely and professional manner, We understand that cost can also a factor when choosing a pest control company and so we strive to be competitively cheap pest control while upholding quality workmanship and effectiveness.

Bruin Pest Management delivers outstanding pest and termite treatment in north Brisbane. Every pest control treatment begins with understanding the issue at hand. Our pest control technicians will ask questions on the day of the pest control service as to the exact nature of the pest control issue. This helps us to put in place the best course of action in providing a safe and professional pest control treatment.

We will then begin by providing a pest inspection or termite inspections to the areas of concern as well as investigating into the known and likely harbourage places pest love to hide out. As professional North Brisbane pest control experts, Bruin Pest Management technicians are highly trained to deliver tailored and targeted treatments to these areas using the latest products. It is important to initially seek out the best places to treat in order to really get to the source of the pest issue, this way we are providing you with the peace of mind of a holistic approach to pest control.

Pest control treatment application is conducted with care and precision, every inch of the treatment areas identified is treated with a range of products carefully selected to have the desired effect, every time. The full pest control package includes both the inside and the outside of your property to be treated. This is by far the best approach to pest control as it target’s a pest entry and exit points in and around your Chermside area or North Brisbane home or business.

Following the pest control service, we will provide you with a treatment report which explains the type of products used, areas treatment and details of our aftercare service.

We get some Frequently Asked Questions. Please see below if you have any further enquiries, and get in touch with our friendly pest control team!

Our pest control Chermside Technicians are fully trained and experienced to assess your property and implement the best treatment approach based on the construction type, and level of pest infestation. In general, The Full Pest Control Treatment Package includes pest control treatment to skirting boards, kitchens, bathroom and laundry cupboards, rood void, external perimeter wall, concrete edges, garden beds, fence lines, external eaves, subfloor areas, internal and separate garages, sheds, alfresco entertainment areas, decks.

The aim of pest control Chermside is population reduction and a management plan for on-going control. This aim is best achieved when there is a combination of professional products used in conjunction with high level of and consistent hygiene and sanitation practices. These services work best with pest and termite inspections.

We recommend that termite inspections and pest inspections are conducted regularly and that a pest control treatment is carried out at least once a year. This is the best way to help maintain your property against pests.

If you’re in need of termite inspections or pest control Chermside, get in touch with our pest control company today.

All of our products have been selected based on their high efficiency in managing pests and their low toxicity levels for use around our customers. The products we use are approved by the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority for use in a residential or commercial setting for the purposes of urban pest control. Please follow the directions of our licensed professional technicians who are trained and experienced with the use of pest control products.

The best approach to reducing the pest activity in and around your home is to remove the factor in the environment conducive to a pest breeding environment. Doing small continual residential pest control practices around the home will really go a long way to help reduce the source of the issue. Below is a helpful list of tips and tricks to help with the holistic approach of general sanitation practice alongside your professional service.

To ensure the most effective service, please:

  • Do not mop floors for at least 5 days after treatment.
  • For treated spider webs, remove spider webs 7 days after treatment.
  • Do not wash external walls of property until immediately prior to next service.
  • Ensure all surfaces in the kitchen are cleaned thoroughly by removing crumbs and spillages this removes the pest food source.
  • Ensure all food is stored appropriately, open food is sealed in containers and any spillages, crumbs or sticky surfaces are cleaned immediately.
  • Empty Bins regularly and ensure bins have a lid that remains closed.
  • Do not use any Household Pest Control Products – as they interrupt the products we use, if you have any issues, call us.

Our pest control company provide an aftercare service for our pest control packages, we will work with you as a partnership to ensure that the likelihood of pests returning to your home or business is reduced. 

Our pest control profession is a process and our aim is provide you with the most effective results as quickly as possible – so please be assured that our pest control company will be with you every step of the way in achieving a practical pest control solution. Our motto is – if the pests return, then so do we!

The Bruin Pest Control Process

Identification and

Unfortunately pests can be far harder to detect than you may have previously thought. Our servicemen will assess your premise and identify any telltale signs of an infestation.


Receive a tailored digital pest report highlighting identified pest(s), our proposed pest extermination plan and further recommendations.


Effective, efficient and transparent
communication from our pest exterminator during and after our services.

Other Pests: Household Insect Infestations

Our Pest Control services cover all types of pest extermination.

Having issues with another kind of household pest? Talk to us, we’re experts in pest control and elimination.


Chermside is prone to a diverse range of pest infestations, some more difficult to identify and contain than others. We have a range of pest extermination packages to suit your circumstances.

Pest Control Lite Package


Cost Effective solution for Domestic Cockroaches, Silverfish, Webbing Spiders internally and externally.

Free Service Period after treatment included.

Full Pest Control Package


All-round solution for Domestic Cockroaches, Silverfish, Webbing Spiders and Ants internally and externally.

​Free Service Period after treatment included.

Full Pest CONTROL including Rodents Package


The best solution for Domestic Cockroaches, Silverfish, Webbing Spiders, Ants and Rodents internally and externally.

Free Service Period after treatment included.