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Reliable Spider Control in Brisbane

Do you have arachnophobia or a general dislike for spiders? You’re not alone. You may be surprised to know that arachnophobia affects up to six percent of the global population. Although they aren’t the most dangerous pest, spiders are among the most common calls for our pest control services.

While having spiders roam freely through your home can cause severe anxiety for some, even if you aren’t phobic, you don’t have to live with spiders in your home.

Spider Webs: The Unsightly Sign Of A Spider Problem 

When it comes to webbing spiders, their webs can be a nuisance and make your home look old, dusty, and dirty. Webbing spiders create silk webs to trap their prey. The annoying thing is that they tend not to regard where their web is located, and not all spiders recycle their silks.

Talk to us about eradicating any of these well-known Brisbane spiders from your home.

Daddy Long Legs Spider

The daddy long legs spider is probably the most well-known house spider with a tiny 7 – 9 mm grey body and very long, thin legs. They are notorious for leaving cobwebs in the tops of window frames, room corners and other parts of a residential home, adding to the homeowner’s list of chores. The daddy long legs spider is the most common house spider we see in Brisbane homes.

Black House Spider

The black house spider creates lacy sheet webs with funnel-like entrances, usually in window frames and crevices in the home. They’re about 1 – 1.5 cm and are dark grey, hairy and poisonous. The black house spider will live for roughly two years, and the female spider prefers never to leave her web. They’re common in Brisbane and easily live outdoors in sheds and gardens also.

Brown House Spider

Also known as the common house spider, or cupboard spider, you’ll find the brown house spider dwelling in dark spaces under kitchen sinks, in cupboards, and dark laundries. They make a sheet-like web to catch their prey. They’re relatively small, similar to a daddy long legs but with a brown-grey body and yellow-grey legs.

Redback Spider

One of the most well known poisonous spiders, the female redback spider, is a small, black spider with a distinctive red-orange stripe on its back. The male is smaller, with a strip of red, orange, yellow and even white. They dwell in dark corners like the brown house spider. Redback spider bites have not caused death in a long time, but they are very toxic, and medical attention is required if you’re bitten.

The Whitetail Spider

Although the whitetail spider doesn’t build webs, its presence around the home can be alarming. They hide in dark crevasses and have been known to end up in hand towels and clothing, making the risk of bite relatively high. While they’re not fatally toxic, their bites are painful and can cause severe localised reactions. They do, however, primarily prey on other spiders.

We Manage Spider Eradication, You Manage Prevention

We include spider eradication with all of our pest control packages. By using long-lasting home-safe products, the spiders living in the corners, window frames, and hiding spots around your home will be gone.

This specialist treatment provides ongoing protection in your home for months, but following a few prevention tips will keep spiders out for much longer.

The best way to deter a build-up of spiders in your home is through maintaining a high level of cleanliness in your home in the first place. Whether they’re poisonous or not, allowing spiders to roam your home freely can be uncomfortable for some. The chances are, the spiders in your home are feeding on other pests that are making their way inside.

Hence, if you’ve been noticing a lot of spiders in your home, it’s likely that you require other pest control services as well.

With that being said, if you don’t feel comfortable handling the spiders in your home, don’t hesitate to call Bruin Pest Management. Our servicemen will remove the spiders from your facility and help you out with easy preventative measures.


We have a range of packages for spider control in Brisbane to suit your needs.

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Cost Effective solution for Cockroaches (excluding German Cockroaches), Silverfish, Webbing Spider control internally and externally.

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All-round solution for Cockroaches (excluding German Cockroaches), Silverfish, Webbing Spiders and Ants internally and externally.

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Full Pest Control including Rodents Package


The best solution for Cockroaches (excluding German Cockroaches), Silverfish, Webbing Spiders , Ants and Rodents internally and externally.

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