Controlling Brisbane Mosquitoes

If you’re dealing with pesky mosquitoes invading your home, biting you, and making that frustrating buzz while you’re trying to sleep, check our mosquito control service in Brisbane!

Believe it or not, mosquitoes are the most deadly animal on the planet. Over 750 million people contract a disease spread through mosquitoes per year, killing over 1 million. Although the mortality rate in Australia is lower due to our high health standards, mosquitoes are still responsible for the transmission of some serious diseases for humans and pets, including cats, dogs and horses.

To eliminate mosquitoes around your home, you need to understand their lifecycle:

  • Mosquitoes require water to complete their reproductive cycle
  • Only females are responsible for extracting blood from hosts, males feed on plant extracts for nourishment
  • Mosquitoes are attracted to warmth (making hosts such as humans, household pests, and other mammals perfect for them)
  • Most common mosquitos only live for 7 days

What Do Mosquito Bites Look Like?

For most people, you won’t know you’re being bitten by a mosquito unless you see it. It’s in the moments after that you’ll see a blotchy red and white, itchy bump come up on the skin. 

These welts can be a single bump with a red incision mark in the centre or could look more like a blotchy ring, slightly indented in the middle—all mosquito bites itch. 

It’s best not to scratch mosquito bites while they’re healing; however, this is easier said than done! Scratching them feels amazing in the short term. The downside is that you can rub the skin raw and make the bits bleed and take months to completely go away.

Rather than resist the itch, call us to talk about eliminating mosquitoes from your Brisbane home.


The Three Types Of Mosquitoes Found In Brisbane

Container-breeding mosquitoes

These mosquitoes breed in standing water around your home. They can hatch in plant saucers, unkempt swimming pools, blocked drains and more. To us, they’re Aedes Notoscriptus, to you, they’re a menace.

Saltmarsh mosquitoes

The Brisbane River and many other Brisbane waterways, such as Pine River, the Tingalpa Creek, Boondal Wetlands and the Tinchi Tamba Wetlands. These areas contain brackish water, saltmarshes and mangrove habitats—perfect breeding grounds for saltmarsh mosquitoes (Aedes Vigilax).

Freshwater mosquitoes

Throughout the Queensland subtropical wet season, fast-breeding freshwater mosquitoes will multiply in sitting water after rain. The common banded mosquito (Culex Annulirostris), the most abundant freshwater mosquito in Brisbane.

Where Do Mosquitos Breed?

With summer fast approaching, increasing water temperatures create the perfect conditions for mosquitoes to breed. The breeding patterns and rates of mosquitoes vary largely depending upon the species and the climate. Alarmingly, in standing water, it only takes the most common mosquito breeds up to 14 days to fully reproduce. For this reason, as a general rule of thumb, you should be emptying any standing water on your property at least every few days. If you’re leaving standing water on your property, you face the risk of a mosquito infestation.

Where Does Bruin Pest Control Come In? 

We understand that mosquitoes and other flying insects need to be kept under control, Bruin will aim to reduce the mosquito and other winged insects activity by a combination of methodical inspection, industry-leading chemical usage and non-chemical approaches. We also offer expert advice for the reduction of habitat formation and re-occurrence. Our team draw upon several years of mosquito control services in Brisbane to keep your home or business mosquito-free. 

If you’ve seen signs of a mosquito infestation in or around your premises, don’t hesitate to take action. Give our team at Bruin Pest Management a call and discuss your available options.

Are mosquitoes merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of pests that need controlling on your property? At Bruin Pest, we offer the best pest control Brisbane, offering quality services in the areas of:

Get in touch today to find out more and have peace of mind that your property is pest-free! 


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