The Tiny Problem In Brisbane Homes

Have you found ants through the food in your kitchen, making trails around your pet’s bowl, setting up nests in your potted plants, and pestering your children in the yard? You may have even tried some DIY treatments from the supermarket or online that didn’t end up working.

Home ant infestations are more than frustrating; they can do damage to your home.

What Causes Ant Infestations?

Ants are constantly scouting for food to bring back to their colonies. Whether it be pet food bowls, indoor compost bins, or bread crumbs that are being swept under your refrigerator, homes can provide the perfect ongoing food source for an ant colony.

The environments for nesting will vary depending upon the species of ant. For some species, nests can be located behind retaining walls which can be a nuisance. For others, such as black ants, you’ll find colonies in garden beds, lawns, and vegetation.

You may also discover ants finding refuge in your home or potted plants during periods of wet weather.

Ant colonies can move when the current area becomes unfavourable. However, at certain times of the year, new ant queens and breeding males will fly from their nests to set up new colonies. Shortly after breeding, the winged males die, and the winged queen will shed her wings and lay her eggs in her newly established nest.

These new nests could be in your backyard and turn into an infestation in no time.

Common Ants That Infest Brisbane Homes

Worldwide there are more than 1 million billion (1,000,000,000,000,000!) different species of ants. However, here are the three most typical kinds we encounter and eliminate in Brisbane household infestations.

Black Ants

Black Ants are responsible for most household ant infestations worldwide. Black worker ants will reach up to 4 – 5 mm in length. Black ant nests are usually located outdoors. Foraging ants scout indoors for food scraps to bring back to their colony.

Coastal Brown Ants

Originating in Africa, they’re a nuisance and are another common ant species for household infestations. Coastal Brown Ants are characterised by their light-brown colours and can grow up to 3.5 – 4.5 mm long. Their small size allows them to squeeze through almost any gap.

Funnel Ants

These ants are most commonly identified for creating unsightly dirt mounds on lawns, causing many issues for homeowners. They can be aggressive, have been known to infect entire neighbourhoods, and their mounds are renowned for blunting mower blades.

Other Common Brisbane Ants

While these ants are less likely to infest your home, they’re a common pest in Brisbane yards and parks and can ruin the enjoyment of the outdoors. We can eliminate these other common Brisbane ants with our specialist pest control services.

Green Ants

Also known as the green head ant, these ants are 5 – 7 mm long and live in Brisbane’s parks and yards. They can be aggressive and cause painful bites that sting for a few minutes afterwards before subsiding. Some people are more sensitive to green ant bites and may develop small welts.

Meat Ants

Like green ants in size and shape, meat ants are a brown colour and can swarm aggressively when their nest is disturbed. They bite like green ants do but are generally considered less painful.

Sugar Ants

One of the largest black ant species, the sugar ant, is gold and black and is primarily active at night time. They can create large nests with large entry holes surrounded by patches of ugly, grassless dirt.


What Should I Do When I Find Ants In My Home? 

While you’d be tempted to try and find the source and eliminate the nest on your own, you could end up on a wild goose chase, only to find the ants are back within days or weeks.

Instead, call Bruin Pest Management, we’ll be able to run you through our available options for ant management in Brisbane.

Our services include nest elimination and dispensing internal and external protection to your home. Our pest management services eliminate ant infestations and deal with a myriad of other pests. Call us today.


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