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Pest Birds are notorious for causing real problems for businesses, commercial properties and home owners.

Birds cause multiple issues such as hazards associated with their droppings, spread of diseases and attractant for pests including ticks, cockroaches and rodents. Bird droppings are also unsightly and may damage a business’s image or reputation.

Introduced species such as Feral PigeonsHouse SparrowsCommon Starling and Indian Myna Birds are not native to Australia and are damaging to local wildlife and eco-systems. Native protected Australian birds in some situations can also be seen as pests such as the CockatooIbisDucksParrot, VarietiesMagpiesCrows and Swallows when their activities are destructive. Bruin Pest Management will tailor your bird management plan to the specific requirement of the bird species. We are conscientious in our pest bird control in Brisbane not to cause harm to native bird species, therefore as a protective measure we do not provide bird baiting services.

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Bird droppings are highly corrosive causing damage to commercial, domestic and agricultural buildings and monuments. Droppings from birds are a serious public health risk, with diseases such as histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis (ornithosis) posing a hazard for those that come in contact with the droppings and nesting material in addition to the hazards of falls and slips.

Rest assured that Bruin Pest Management are highly skilled in bird management using the latest Integrated Deterrent Systems and Technology.

The process of Bird control in Brisbane starts with an initial thorough on-site bird assessment, followed by the selection of the right bird control system designed to create conditions so uncomfortable for the pest bird species that they no longer nest, roost or land on your property.

Feral Pigeon Bird Shooting in Brisbane

  • We provide bird shooting in Brisbane to humanely cull feral pigeon populations.
  • Inside or outside buildings.
  • Occupational QLD firearms licence holder.
  • Fully insured bird shooting in Brisbane. 
  • Health and Safety Documentation provided.

Ducted Ozone System – Remove birds for good. 100% Manufacture guarantee.

  • We are installers of the Active-oxy Ducted Ozone system – a clean and cost-effective method of bird control in Brisbane that ensures they do not return. 
  • Full Design, Technical Drawings, Installation and Servicing Offered.
  • Includes Manufacturer’s Money Back Guarantee.

Bird Deterrent Systems

  • The solar powered rotating units create a series of reflected random ‘flashes’ of sunlight that irritates the birds eyes making conditions so uncomfortable, the birds will learn to stay away from the area.
  • Full Installation and Servicing Offered.

Pigeon Spikes

  • Spiking areas pigeons like to perch on is an effective method of ensuring sensitive areas of a building are protected from feral pigeons.

Pest Bird Trapping

  • A flock reduction method of trapping pigeons inside purpose build and designed traps.
  • Includes humane C02 Euthanasia service.


  • Proof areas where pigeons are prone to roost.

Solar Panel Proofing

  • Solar Panels create the perfect harbourage for pigeons, safe from aerial predators.
  • Pigeon faeces can damage the electrical wiring and structure of the panels.
  • Bird Nests contain bird mites which may infest the house below.
  • We provide proofing for your solar panels using specialist stainless steel mesh, clipped onto the frame of the panel.
  • We will not drill into the structure of the solar panel, potentially voiding the warranty.


Methods of Bird Control in Brisbane:

  • Insured Bird Shooting
  • Bird Deterrent Systems
  • Ducted Ozone Systems
  • Bird Spikes
  • Humane Pest Bird Trapping
  • Netting

Industries we Service:

  • Agricultural areas and Farmyards
  • Commercial Buildings and Warehouses
  • Food Processing Facilities, Food Storage Facilities and Loading Bays
  • Car Parks
  • Shopping Centres
  • Schools
  • Clubs and Pubs
  • Restaurants, Cafes and Retail Outlets
  • Solar Systems

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