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Don’t stress about dealing with pests in the home or workplace, call us, we’re here to help.

The Bruin Pest Management team are experts in all kinds of pest elimination, from rodents to the tiniest ants.

Rat And Mice Extermination

Rats and mice in your home or workplace are not only creepy, they’re unhygienic and damaging. Their nesting and exploration habits inside your walls, ceilings and under your floor can cause expensive problems with electrical wires.

They can carry diseases and spread other pests like fleas into your home.

They can easily chew through hard plastic containers and packaging in your pantry, leaving faeces while they feast on your food. If the infestation is bad, you might be forced to throw everything out and start again.

Talk to us about finding rodent nests and eliminating them from your home or workplace.

How Do Pests Get Into My Home?

Queensland can suffer waves in weather conditions that provide ample natural food sources for rodents and pests, followed by drought conditions. Hungry rats and mice will then descend on Brisbane suburbs looking for food and water.

If you’ve found the unpleasant signs of rats and mice in your home or heard the creepy rustling in your ceilings or walls at night time, your house has been infiltrated.

Rodents are attracted to warm, dry spaces with ample food and can easily find ways to climb into your home. Their bodies can squeeze through any gap they can put their head through; including under doors and through little gaps in the masonry or cladding on your house.

Bruin Pest Extermination Process

Identification and

Unfortunately pests can be far harder to detect than you may have previously thought. Our servicemen will assess your premise and identify any telltale signs of an infestation.


Receive a tailored digital pest report highlighting identified pest(s), our proposed pest extermination plan and further recommendations.


Effective, efficient and transparent
communication from our pest exterminator during and after our services.

Other Pests: Household Insect Infestations

Our Pest Management services cover all types of pest extermination.

Having issues with another kind of household pest? Talk to us, we’re experts in pest extermination and elimination.


Queensland is prone to a diverse range of pest infestations, some more difficult to identify and contain than others. We have a range of pest extermination packages to suit your circumstances.

Pest extermination Lite Package


Cost Effective solution for Domestic Cockroaches, Silverfish, Webbing Spiders internally and externally.

Free Service Period after treatment included.

Full Pest EXTERMINATOR Package


All-round solution for Domestic Cockroaches, Silverfish, Webbing Spiders and Ants internally and externally.

​Free Service Period after treatment included.

Full Pest CONTROL including Rodents Package


The best solution for Domestic Cockroaches, Silverfish, Webbing Spiders, Ants and Rodents internally and externally.

Free Service Period after treatment included.