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Exterra ® The World’s Number 1 Termite Protection.

When dealing with termite infestations, we at Bruin see Exterra ® as our go-to treatment as we believe it gives the customer the most peace of mind for elimination of your infestation and ongoing monitoring of your home.

Out of all the baiting systems on the market, it truly is Number One, protecting important buildings and historic sites such as Darling Harbour in Sydney, Old Parliament House, Adelaide, Dreamworld on the Gold Coast and Raffles Hotel in Singapore!

What is Exterra ®?

A non-toxic termite baiting and monitoring system.


What does the system look like, how is it installed?

  • Heavy duty UV stabilised plastic bait stations with attractant called FOCUS Termite Attractant™ and timber interceptors.
  • Each bait station is dug in so the lid is flush with the ground
  • Inground
  • Discreetly placed 3 meters apart around the total perimeter of your property
  • Lockable lids

exterra termite diagramHow does it work?

  • CO2 Attractant – Termites are attracted by CO² – The FOCUS Termite Attractant attracts termites to the bait stations by releasing CO²
  • Once a termite is inside the bait station the can be seen by the pest manager and REQUIEM Termite Bait™ bait applied.
  • REQUIEM is a growth inhibitor and deforms the termite’s ability to chew timber by softening their jaws so they are now only able to consume the REQUIEM bait – not your house.
  • As termites are social creates, the REQUIEM bait is then taken back to the nest and colony elimination is achieved.

Is Exterra® safe for my family and the environment?

The liquid chemical method involves creating a chemical zone around your property – flooded with hundreds of litres of toxic chemical. Imagine the impact to the environment and your family.

Exterra ® utilises closed and locked bait station with termite bait inside less toxic than table salt.
Exterra ® eliminates the entire colony and does so without harming the environment, you, your family or your pets!

How does this differ from liquid chemical treatment?

When using liquid products, it is essential that the pest manager MUST create a complete continuous barrier. This involves digging a trench around your property which is then flooded with chemical, the soil is then back filled and additional chemical added. This is very expensive and time consuming. Some pest manager do not do this and give you an even less effective treatment!

What are the benefit to having Exterra ®?

The ONLY baiting system that creates a complete termite inspection Zone around your property.
No Toxic chemicals saturating the ground around your property.
Always the pest technician to see termites to determine termite activity and provide ongoing termite monitoring and treatment.

  • Guaranteed colony control once termites are feeding on the bait
  • Highly Palatable bait – this means fast and reliable feeding, more bait consumed equals better results!
  • Most potent active ingredient and effective bait – REQUIEM
  • In-ground bait stations allow for better termite monitoring and the interception of termites
  • Does not need to be re-installed every 5-7 years like chemical treated zones

How much does it cost?

Exterra® system will usually cost between $1500 – $3000 to install.
Plus an Annual renewal which includes a full termite inspection of the property

Once an Exterra® is installed, what is the process?

  • 3 monthly system inspect if there is no activity
  • If there is activity – 1 monthly system inspection
  • Annual renewal which includes a full termite inspection of the property

Is there any manufacturer’s warranty with using Exterra®?

Yes! – A manufacturer’s warranty of $250,000 worth of repairs to your home if a new termite colony infests your property!

What do I need to make sure my pest manager has before they install and monitor my Exterra® system?

  1. Accreditation with Exterra® to install and monitor the system
  2. Fully qualified and Licensed to inspect for and treat for Timber Pests such as Termites.
  3. Licensed with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission in Queensland.
  4. Make sure the Pest Manager is fully insured with Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Bruin Pest Management are Fully Licensed, Insured and Accredited Exterra® Termite Baiting System Operators. Contact us regarding termite control in Brisbane.

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