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What Can I Expect From A Pest Control Treatment With Bruin Pest Management?

When thinking about booking in your annual pest control service, it always crosses the mind (and quite rightly) what exactly is involved in the service? What pests are treated? In what areas? And is it safe?

Whether the motive for your wanting pest control service is because you have seen cockroaches scuttling across the kitchen, ants trailing in through the fly screens or even that you haven’t as yet seen any pests but want to stay one step ahead and have it as a preventative measure, whatever the case, let’s reveal exactly what is undertaken to ensure your home is protected from pests this summer.

What Pests are Included in the Full Pest Control Treatment Package?


Those nuisance ants, seen forming huge trails along fence lines, across render and entering through the fly screens? Or see at the back of the pantry? We have specialist products specifically designed for both ant trails and food preparation areas so rest assured.

Webbing Spiders

Webbing spiders include the house spiders you see typically in the eaves of your home or garage and in the garden.  The webs formed are unsightly and many people cannot bear to have large, scary spiders so close to home!

Australian and American cockroaches

These cockroaches are a pest that can enter the home via multiple locations, be it up from gaps in the subfloor, down from gaps in the roof void, fly-in, or even enter via drainpipes to then walk across your kitchen counter. Nice. We use a different method in the home to manage the infestation and tailor the approach specifically to your situation.


Often found in damp, dark environments typically seen in the home in bathrooms and subfloor, we’ll target our treatment to get into all the dark, damp, undisturbed places so there is no place to hide.

What areas do you treat?

The areas treated include all of the places that pests are able to get in, breed, harbourage and move around your home. The best way to manage pests is to know each insects’ behavioural habits and target those favoured spots!

The internal treatment includes:

  • Skirting boards
  • Cracks and crevices
  • Roof Void

Internal treatment is so important in the war against pests!

The skirting boards are treated because cockroaches are thigmotactic which means they travel from place to place with having at least one part of their body touching a surface. They scuttle from one place to the next i.e. kitchen to the dining room via the highway of the skirting board, here it is safe in its tracks with the side of its body touching the skirting board. The cockroaches prefer this method of travelling compared to fleeing straight across the kitchen floor where it is open and exposed.

The term cracks and crevices refer to all of the small gaps, hidden areas, and underneath (such as behind fridges, under dishwashers etc.). These areas are particularly effective to target because they are often the places that are dark, warm, have a hidden food source and are not very often disturbed. This makes them the best harbourage places, for cockroaches in particular, and hence the best place to treat!

Treating roof voids is again another example of a dark, warm and dry place for pests to live.

The external treatment includes:

  • The full perimeter of your house
  • Garden beds
  • Concrete edges
  • Retaining or decorative boundary walls
  • Fence lines

Is it safe for my family and pets?

A simple answer is yes. Our water-based chemicals contain no smelly solvents, they are targeted specifically for insects so have no effect on mammals (like us!) and they are approved by the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) for use in residential homes.

What can I expect after the treatment has been done?

You can expect the see increased pest activity, this being seeing them around the home alive and dead, please do not be alarmed by this, in fact, that is actually a sign of success – it means that the products are working, disturbing the pests so that they will pick up the products sprayed around the house, taking it back to their harbourage areas and passing it along to the others. The dead pests you notice are a visual sign that the products are continually working.

Do you offer a Free Service Period? 

Yes! We offer free service periods for our treatments – this means that if after the date of completed treatment, you have any issues regarding the pests included in the package, we will return to give advice or provide additional treatment if required, free of charge. Our free service period includes a 3 months free service period for internal ants and webbing spiders and 12 months free service period for Australian and American cockroaches and silverfish.

Is there anything I can do to get the most out of the treatment?

There are a few tips we always recommend to get the absolute maximum effectiveness from the pest control service.

  1. Do not mop floors for at least 5 days after treatment.
  2. For treated spider webs, remove spider webs 7 days after treatment. 
  3. Do not wash external walls of the property until immediately prior to the next service.
  4. Ensure all surfaces in the kitchen are cleaned thoroughly by removing crumbs and spillages – this removes the pest food source.
  5. Ensure all food is stored appropriately, open food is sealed in containers and any spillages, crumbs or sticky surfaces are cleaned immediately.

Did you Know?

We are available for bookings 7 days a week, including Saturday and Sunday, at no extra cost! We have the flexibility to suit your schedule. Book today via phone on 1300 349 177, contact us via our website or email us at

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