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Top 5 Tips For Getting The Best Results From Your Pest Control & Treatment

  1. Clean and tidy the house and garden beforehand

    For a successful pest control & treatment of your home in Brisbane and to ensure that it stays pest-free for as long as possible, we need to treat as many surfaces we can that pests such as cockroaches, ants, silverfish and spiders walk on, allowing them to pick the product up onto their bodies. Items such as clothes, toys and stored goods on the floors will reduce the surface area we will be able to treat, we don’t want to affect anything that doesn’t need to be! We recommend having a thoroughly clean and tidy of the home and garden before we arrive, including picking up all toys and clothing, vacuuming and cleaning all floors and furniture and tidying up the yard by pruning bushes near the house and trimming the grass

  2. Remove items from storage cupboards and move furniture away from walls

    Pests such as cockroaches will harbour in areas that are not disturbed often, such as the backs of cupboards (especially among cardboard storage boxes) and behind heavy items of furniture. We will need to apply the treatment to these areas to really get the most from the treatment, so we do ask for your help in moving as much furniture (as long as it is safe to do so!) and removing items from the back of cupboards you haven’t seen in a while as you can.

  3. Don’t mop floors or skirting boards immediately afterwards

    The treatment is applied to areas where insects will generally traverse, such as along walls and under furniture, areas where they will feel safer than in the centre of the room. Our chemicals are odourless, transparent and harmless to humans and pets when dried onto a surface, however, they can be easily wiped off when mopping. We generally say to abstain from mopping the floors for at least five days after the treatment and to not wash or heavily wipe down the skirting boards for as long as possible. Most insects will have come into contact with the treatment after five days, however, the pesticide will continue to do its job for as long as it is undisturbed, hence why we like to spray it into areas you don’t often see, such as the back of cupboards and behind heavy furniture.

  4. Keep your foodstuffs in sealed containers

    This is an easy way of ensuring the infestation stays under control, any food in cardboard boxes or opened plastic bags (including pet food!) should be placed into a secure plastic container – we’ve even had ants attracted to medicines in a bathroom, these should also be in a container.

  5. Don’t spray household pesticides

    Our specialist products are designed to treat the source of the problem, especially with social insects such as ants. The insects will trail over our treated areas, not realising that they are picking up small amounts of the pesticide on their bodies, and when they interact with each other, passing food between themselves etc, they will be also passing on the treatment and eventually destroying the whole colony. Cockroaches also suffer from this ‘domino effect’, they will interact with each other in harbourage areas, passing on trace amounts of pesticide onto antenna and limbs, which, when the cockroaches groom themselves, will be taken into the body orally, killing the cockroach. Disgustingly, they are also cannibals of their dead friends, so other cockroaches will ingest the pesticide that way, and so on. Success! If this cycle is interrupted by a homeowner or tenant using a cheap, over the counter pesticide spray, this, though it may kill the ants/pests you can see will not target the source of the problem, it will only lengthen the time it takes to achieve actual management over the pests (full colony control). Sometimes this can be quite hard to do, to resist the temptation, but please be patient!

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