The Best Time of Year for Home Pest Treatment

In Australia, it can sometimes feel like pest treatment is a constant, never-ending requirement. In most parts of the country, we’re blessed with a beautiful climate, however, that comes with a downside. If you’re in the northern states especially, there’s every chance you need pest control. 

There’s never a bad time to start thinking about pest management around your home. Here are a few thoughts on when you should take action.

Why Do I Need Pest Control?

It’s likely that every home in Australia will require some form of pest control. If you find yourself constantly chasing bugs away with over the counter aerosols that don’t work – you’ll be pleased to know there’s a better option.

Bruin Pest Management are the professionals in pest control using industry-leading, scientific and Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Approved Products.

We can protect your home against creepy crawlies all year round and manage potentially damaging infestations with ease. Regardless of its fleas, termites, bed bugs, ants or even birds and rodents, you want them out of your home! The good news is, they can all be dealt with using state of the art technology that won’t hurt the human inhabitants or the furry friends in your home.

When Are Pests Most Active?

Getting rid of pests in Brisbane can be an all-year-round proposition. This is because the weather is generally warm for 12 months of the year. That being said, you may get somewhat of a reprieve during the cooler months of June through to August. This is a great time to start planning ahead for the warmer months.

While most pests take a bit of a break in the cooler months, they’ll make their presence felt all the way from September to May. They’re likely to become a problem when humidity is high due to a mixture of hot and wet conditions. This means summer is most likely the time you’ll need pest control to take care of infestations.

Best Time of Year To Treat Your Home

If you want to get one step ahead of those pesky ants, rodents and all other nuisances around your home, August – November is a great time to do it. This gives you a chance to catch unwanted intruders before the humidity arrives and draws them out of hiding.

The first step is a thorough internal and external pest treatment. You’ll want to get onto this around August before insects have a chance to take hold. The entire pest control treatment service is specifically designed to target pests in their harbourage areas, this means the products are placed in specific areas that the pest usually breeds, feeds and multiples. Targeted pest control ensures pest management in the right spots, every time. Take a look at our blog What can I expect from a pest control treatment from Bruin Pest Management? for more information on this.

Is It Time for Pest Control?

If you want to take charge and show those pests who’s boss, now is the time to start planning. Considering the structural damage and mess that many Australian pests can cause, we strongly stand by the old saying that prevention is better (and far cheaper!) than a cure.

Whether you’ve just discovered an infestation and need immediate help, or you want to plan ahead for the warmer months, we’re here to help.

Contact us at Bruin Pest Management today, and talk to the real pest control Brisbane experts.

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